Bishop Eric K. Clark

Bishop is a family man with over 30 years of ministerial training and experience. Bishop Clark has a unique gift to communicate the gospel to people of all walks of life.  As a tool in God’s hands, he trains leaders and inspires others to reach their MAXIMUM POTENTIAL. A native of Cleveland, OH, he graduated from Judah School of Ministry in Columbus and Christ United Theological School and is a member of the African American College of Bishops. Bishop Clark has traveled extensively making a positive IMPACT for the Kingdom of God.


Eric Kincaid Clark Ministries



People Who Have Maximized Their Potentials


I have been sitting under Bishop Clark’s teaching for the past 8 years and it has helped me to grow spiritually.

Bishop Clark has blessed me for over 25 years. He has been preaching the word with signs and wonders following.

God has watched over my FAMILY and protected us from this virus.  He has made me grateful for what we have left instead of what we have lost.